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I always wonder whether my liking the music I do now is a natural progression from what I started out listening to. That is to say, I could have ended up listening to anything, depending on the choices I made. I can't help but think that the majority of people will end up settling on music that influenced them in their formative years. Not exclusively, but I mean, the first really strong memories I formed about music probably all relate to anime produced in the late 80s and early 90s. These days it's almost all I've been listening to. There's always the changing context of life to influence decisions too. About the time I started my LJ (fucking hell that was a long time ago...) I was listening to a lot of Dashboard, which reflected how I felt in general at the time.

Do you guys feel like your listening habits and tastes now were inevitable?

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I definitely feel like where I am now is just the tip of a branch connected to all sorts of other branches. Whatever I picked way back when is responsible for what I have now.

I have recently realized that I am 10000% influenced by formative memories. All I want to be is an anime cyborg babe, quite honestly. My desire to have a fitness model body and be a powerful, respected, competent badass so obviously stems from that now that it's funny. As for the music, that YouTube song you played earlier definitely sounded good to me. . . But I do most of my listening on SoundCloud, for weird internet meme referencing Jersey club/house/queer stuff. Heh.

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